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Dedicating Stars for Special Occasions

We all have special occasion in our lives and gift giving is a regular part of them. If you want to buy a special gift that will be remember forever than look no farther than dedicating a star to that someone special. That’s right you can name a star after someone these days.

Stars can be a great gift for many occasions and giving someone their own memorial star is a special way to let them know that you really care. These are just three of the special occasions that would be perfect to give someone the gift of a star.

Anniversary – Yes, I know that there is no ‘star’ anniversary, but it still makes a great way to celebrate a special day like this. You can personalize the gift even more than just the name by putting it in a symbolic constellation. Guaranteed the anniversary couple will love your memorial star.

New Baby – Why not memorialize the birth with a star? This is a great occasion to name a star for the newborn baby. Dedicate a star now and it will last forever and it a wonderful way to welcome a new child to the world. And you can follow up in later years with other ‘heavenly’ related gifts. Who knows, you may get the little guy or girl off to a start as the next Copernicus or Gene Roddenberry.

Birthdays – This is a perfect occasion to dedicate a star to that special someone. And with a birthday you can really personalize the star name by doing something like picking the constellation that represents their birth month or one that represents their personality very well. It’s a great gesture and it’s unique so you know you’ll have a winner. And who wouldn’t want to be immortalized on their birthday?

These are just a few ideas. There are other occasions that lend themselves just as well to memorial stars. What about Mother’s Day or Valentines Day or even as a wedding gift. It’s only limited by your imagination as the star names and constellations make it possible to personalize a star name to anything depending on the occasion. Buying a star in the sky is one of the most fun and unique gift ideas out there.


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Holiday Gift Idea – Buy A Star

We have so many holidays and gifts to buy, how do you find a new and unique idea for your friends and loved ones gifts? How about you dedicate a star to someone? Imagine their reaction when you take them out, point to the sky and show them where their star is in the sky.

Buying a star is a fun and unique gift that will always be remembered. And there is no gift more romantic than giving your lover a piece of the sky!

Another great point is that some companies will let you choose what constellation your new star is in. That way you can even match it to your loved ones astrological horoscope. How cool is that!

Of course romance is a great reason to buy a star, but it’s not the only reason. It’s inexpensive to dedicate a star to someone and it can be the perfect gift, especially for the person who has everything.

The occasions are nearly endless: anniversary gifts, christenings, graduations, engagement or wedding gifts, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentines Day are just a few of the holidays and occasions that are perfect times to present someone with their very own star.

Imagine buying a star for a child and how excited they will be when you take them outside and point up to the sky for them to see their very own star. Nothing can replace the amazement and wonder of that.

Just remember that you don’t really get to own the star when you buy it. These are novelty gifts and the registry will only reside with the company you purchase the star from. And no, you cannot buy a star from NASA. Really though it is the sentimental thought that counts. The idea that you cared enough to register a star in someone’s name is priceless.

Most companies will also present you with a beautiful certificate of ownership, your stars coordinates in the sky and a map showing exactly where the star is in the sky. You will also get information about astronomy and background information about your star and the constellation it resides in.

Gift buying can often be stressful and a huge chore. Make your next gift easy and buy someone the perfect gift, their very own star in the sky. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift that everyone will remember and thank you for. It’s quite easy, fun and not as expensive as you might think to buy a star in the sky this holiday.


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The Truth About Buying A Star

Buying a star can look like the perfect gift. It’s thoughtful, fun and unique and comes with a pretty certificate and loads of information about the star itself and also about astronomy. Your friend or family member is awed.

But remember that you did not really buy a star. The only organization that can name stars is the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and they don’t sell the rights to stars. When some people think to buy a star NASA comes to mind, but NASA doesn’t sell stars either, there is no NASA star registry unfortunately.

So, you didn’t really buy the star, so what? It is still a great and memorable gift and almost anyone would be flattered that you thought so much of them to come up with such a unique and timeless gift. Don’t dwell on the details and just remember that as with most gifts it’s the though that really counts.

One of the most famous companies that people use to dedicate a star is the International Star Registry. There are numerous others as well and all of them get you pretty much the same thing. Research various star naming groups and compare what you get for the price. Some are as low as $15 to buy a star in the sky.

Well then, even though your name isn’t going to be the official name of the star, it IS still a cool gift and one that people will definitely appreciate. The basic gift usually comes with a parchment paper certificate, the name and coordinates of the star, a star map showing where the star is located as well as information about astronomy and possibly even about the star itself. You can also buy additional things such as a frame for the certificate and a letter congratulating the new star owner. Really cool stuff it you’re buying the star for a child.

Even though buying a star is nothing more than a novelty it is the thought behind the gift that counts. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re getting and look at several different star registry companies before you buy. That way you can get the best deal and the perfect gift for your next holiday, birthday or anniversary.


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