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Dedicating Stars for Special Occasions

We all have special occasion in our lives and gift giving is a regular part of them. If you want to buy a special gift that will be remember forever than look no farther than dedicating a star to that someone special. That’s right you can name a star after someone these days.

Stars can be a great gift for many occasions and giving someone their own memorial star is a special way to let them know that you really care. These are just three of the special occasions that would be perfect to give someone the gift of a star.

Anniversary – Yes, I know that there is no ‘star’ anniversary, but it still makes a great way to celebrate a special day like this. You can personalize the gift even more than just the name by putting it in a symbolic constellation. Guaranteed the anniversary couple will love your memorial star.

New Baby – Why not memorialize the birth with a star? This is a great occasion to name a star for the newborn baby. Dedicate a star now and it will last forever and it a wonderful way to welcome a new child to the world. And you can follow up in later years with other ‘heavenly’ related gifts. Who knows, you may get the little guy or girl off to a start as the next Copernicus or Gene Roddenberry.

Birthdays – This is a perfect occasion to dedicate a star to that special someone. And with a birthday you can really personalize the star name by doing something like picking the constellation that represents their birth month or one that represents their personality very well. It’s a great gesture and it’s unique so you know you’ll have a winner. And who wouldn’t want to be immortalized on their birthday?

These are just a few ideas. There are other occasions that lend themselves just as well to memorial stars. What about Mother’s Day or Valentines Day or even as a wedding gift. It’s only limited by your imagination as the star names and constellations make it possible to personalize a star name to anything depending on the occasion. Buying a star in the sky is one of the most fun and unique gift ideas out there.


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  1. Jennifer Baldwin on March 29th, 2011 11:00 pm

    I ordered a couples set for my son to give to his date for prom nitght.l It was to be a very unique and special gift for a special night. I was guaranteed 1-3 day priority shiping. Gave them all of my info including cc numbers. We have received nothing. No star names or packages. Now they haven’t taken my money either. But they can not even enaswer even one of the EIGHT emails I have sent to get an answer on why I have n’t got what I was promised. Not good business practice!

  2. Gift and occasions on March 13th, 2012 2:35 am

    When it comes to finding the perfect gift, many people consider it as a hard task.

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