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Holiday Gift Idea – Buy A Star

We have so many holidays and gifts to buy, how do you find a new and unique idea for your friends and loved ones gifts? How about you dedicate a star to someone? Imagine their reaction when you take them out, point to the sky and show them where their star is in the sky.

Buying a star is a fun and unique gift that will always be remembered. And there is no gift more romantic than giving your lover a piece of the sky!

Another great point is that some companies will let you choose what constellation your new star is in. That way you can even match it to your loved ones astrological horoscope. How cool is that!

Of course romance is a great reason to buy a star, but it’s not the only reason. It’s inexpensive to dedicate a star to someone and it can be the perfect gift, especially for the person who has everything.

The occasions are nearly endless: anniversary gifts, christenings, graduations, engagement or wedding gifts, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentines Day are just a few of the holidays and occasions that are perfect times to present someone with their very own star.

Imagine buying a star for a child and how excited they will be when you take them outside and point up to the sky for them to see their very own star. Nothing can replace the amazement and wonder of that.

Just remember that you don’t really get to own the star when you buy it. These are novelty gifts and the registry will only reside with the company you purchase the star from. And no, you cannot buy a star from NASA. Really though it is the sentimental thought that counts. The idea that you cared enough to register a star in someone’s name is priceless.

Most companies will also present you with a beautiful certificate of ownership, your stars coordinates in the sky and a map showing exactly where the star is in the sky. You will also get information about astronomy and background information about your star and the constellation it resides in.

Gift buying can often be stressful and a huge chore. Make your next gift easy and buy someone the perfect gift, their very own star in the sky. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift that everyone will remember and thank you for. It’s quite easy, fun and not as expensive as you might think to buy a star in the sky this holiday.


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