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There are many websites that will let you buy a star in the sky for a small fee. Some people think that when they buy a star NASA is the place to go, but this is simply not true. NASA does not provide a star buying or star naming service. However, you can find many other companies that will let you name a star for a small fee.

Are you skeptical about this? I know I was initially and so I did a little research because I was interested in how to buy a star in the sky. What I found out was a bit surprising, but it also changed the way that I view dedicating a star to someone.

You will soon see that there are quite a few companies willing to let you buy a star in the sky. As you look deeper you’ll find that you’re not really buying a star, but really just making a memorial to someone. It’s a nice and genuine opportunity to let someone know that you care for them. Most of the companies I looked at are pretty upfront letting you know that the only place the star name is registered is with their company.

Really the idea of buying a star like this is pretty good. It will show the person you dedicate the star to how much you care for them. When you name a star you will get a beautiful star naming kit that comes with a certificate, the stars coordinates and the date that the star was dedicated.

It is also a really good gift to get people, especially children, more interested in astronomy. In addition to the star naming kit you also get a star chart that shows where the star is located and many sites also include a short book about astronomy.

The whole star buying kit is very professional and I’m sure the person you buy the star for will be very appreciative that you thought enough of them to actually dedicate a star for them. And star naming kits are really not that expensive these days. Some start for as low as $15.

I know how appreciated these gifts are because I went ahead and bought one for my wife. She was so grateful that I took the time to come up with something unique and thoughtful. It was really the thought that counted more than anything.

I’m really very happy that I decided to buy a star in the sky for her and I think I will go ahead and buy more for friends and relatives in the future. Buying a star really is a unique and thoughtful gift.


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Buy a Memorial Star

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, especially for your girlfriend or a small child then you should consider buying a memorial star. Yes, it’s been possible to do this for many years, but it’s still a fun, unique and romantic gift idea. Buying a star in the sky isn’t something that your loved one will think of and that will make even more special when you present them with their new star.

You can find sites selling stars for under $20 which is a very small price to pay for such a memorable gift. You won’t actually get the real star, but you will get to name it. Imagine the look on your girlfriends face when you tell her that she has a piece of the heavens named after her.

Many people are already interested in astronomy or science fiction and this makes it an even more special gift for those people. They already have a love of the stars and what could be more special to them than having a star named after them. Trust me, if you dedicate a star to a science fiction fan they will be grateful and impressed.

The only thing that holds some people back from purchasing a star is that they think that it can’t be possible to actually buy and own a star. They would be correct in this. The only agency that can name stars is the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and they are not in the business of selling stars. And no, you cannot buy a star from NASA either.

While that can be disappointing to some, the fact is that it is still very thoughtful to buy someone a star, even if the name is only registered with the company that sold you the name. And really in this case it’s the though that counts more than anything. Do your research and avoid any company that tells you they are selling you the official star’s name. I think you’ll find though that most of the companies are very upfront about exactly what they are selling you.

I think it would be really cool to buy memorial stars in the same area of the sky for everyone in your family. Then, no matter where each of you are in the world you could look up and see a memorial to your family with each person represented.


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