Buy A Star Nasa

Holiday Gift Idea – Buy A Star

We have so many holidays and gifts to buy, how do you find a new and unique idea for your friends and loved ones gifts? How about you dedicate a star to someone? Imagine their reaction when you take them out, point to the sky and show them where their star is in the sky. […]

The Truth About Buying A Star

Buying a star can look like the perfect gift. It’s thoughtful, fun and unique and comes with a pretty certificate and loads of information about the star itself and also about astronomy. Your friend or family member is awed. But remember that you did not really buy a star. The only organization that can name […]

Buy A Star In The Sky

There are many websites that will let you buy a star in the sky for a small fee. Some people think that when they buy a star NASA is the place to go, but this is simply not true. NASA does not provide a star buying or star naming service. However, you can find many […]